• Steps to franchise in Taiwan
  • Overseas authorization
  • STEP 01Complete The Confidential Information Request Form
  • STEP 02Description of business operation
  • STEP 03Visit demonstration stores
  • STEP 04Evaluation and analysis of store locations
  • STEP 05Sign the Franchise Agreement & Finalize
  • STEP 06Attend Training courses
  • STEP 07Start the Site Build-Out & Hiring Processes
  • STEP 08Establishment of company and insurance
  • STEP 09Operational Evaluation
  • STEP 10Grand Opening
  • STEP 01Franchise consulting
  • STEP 02Business opportunity evaluation
  • STEP 03Contract Signing
  • STEP 04Training Course (Taiwan Headquarters)
  • STEP 05Business district evaluation
  • STEP 06Shop planning and design
  • STEP 07Comfirmation and assessment
  • STEP 08Grand Opening
Franchise consulting
In-depth understanding of the franchise system
Business opportunity evaluation
Evaluation of business opportunities/market positioning/ONEZO brand spirit
Contract Signing
Contract review and signing
Training Course (Taiwan Headquarters)
Training courses: tapioca balls making, tea brewing, preparation; financial statement review, store operation and management, staff training, marketing
Business district evaluation
Business district location, crowd analysis, customer group attributes, surrounding environment, rent evaluation, competitor analysis and brand advantages
Shop planning and design
Equipment specifications and setup planning, store design floor plans and perspective drawings provide reference
Comfirmation and assessment
Raw material distribution, techical guidance and assessment.
Grand Opening
Shop opening support.