ONEZO Philosophy

Irregular dots - handmade balls

The circles of different colors represent different tastes of tapioca balls, which have both the specificity and diversity of the products.
A brush is dotted with rough edges, and the LOGO is presented in an irregular shape, symbolizing that it is not uniformly produced by the factory, and freshly handmade products.


Picasso said that
I spent a lifetime learning
how to paint like a child.
ONE ZO discover the ingredients
with a simple childish mind.
Explore the world freely
with all kinds of possibilities.

Brought to customers- Orange

Combining red energy with yellow joy, symbolizes strength and endurance. In 2016, ONE ZO interact with customers with enthusiasm, charm and attraction. Gain insight into customer and demands of the market,lead the market with creativity, and constantly explore the possibilities of individuality between ingredients. IN 2017, ONEZO will extend and combine different fields to achieve more possibilities and imagination.


Combines stable blue and red energy. Symbolizes nobleness and ambition. In a highly competitive era, ONE ZO Keeps discipline: Keep original intention、independence and dignity. Leading the corporate with wisdom to go through the torrent of the times maintain the prestige of food safety.

Constantly explore-Black

Absorb all the radiant and transform into a unique fashion. ONE ZO constantly receives new knowledge, retains flexibility、resilience and calm, insight into the fluctuating market, Be ready to embrace the challenges of the world.