ONEZO Concepts

  • ONE
  • ZO

ONE : Tapioca balls from Taiwan - ball-shaped of the tapioca balls.

Taiwan's bubble tea is not only loved by Taiwanese, but also famous internationally. It is one of the must-drink drinks for many foreign tourists to Taiwan. ONEZO Tea has improved and carried forward these Taiwanese tapioca balls, combining local ingredients to develop various flavors of pearls, original flavor, coffee colored, handmade caramel, black sesame and red cactus... etc., colorful and tasty. The tapioca balls are super stars that bring the customers wonder experiences!

ZO : Made with love - the spirit of on-site production.

In view of the fact that food additives are becoming more and more unsafe, ONEZO Tea takes safety as the highest consideration, abandoning the uniformly ordering goods from major manufacturers in the market to reduce costs, instead ONEZO has developed its own tapioca balls making machine at any cost. It is made on site every day, and the health and safety of consumers are checked constanly.

Safety first

One machine per shop to reassure the safety and freshness of the boba to keep our customers healthy with no extra additives.

Nurtured from the heart

Just like the oyster patiently nurtures one pearl every few years, we too patiently nurture our boba in the utmost traditional way. We focus on quality over quantity, from OneZo you can taste our sincerity

Boba expert

Experts will focus on one thing for their entire life, focusing on every detail in order to perfect their craft. One Zo is the boba expert, we endues the Taiwan boba infinite possibility