ONEZO History

Tapioca balls from Taiwan, made with love! World's first on-site made tapioca balls is in ONEZO.

Explore the natural flavor of foods, create the infinite possibilities of colorful tapioca balls.

ONE ZO upholds the production of tapioca balls onsite, standing strong with principles in the market. Each cup of tea drink contains the delicious bubbles that are handmade by our devoted staff in each shop, replacing the conventional mass produced tapioca balls. In addition to being the first tea shop to offer fresh handmade bubbles, we are also the first to introduce tasty Pokémon shaped bubbles in our drinks.

ONE ZO even had the honor of cooperating with NIKE, and invited NBA superstar, Kyrie Irving, to come to our shop and experience making tapioca balls and handmade drinks during his visit in Taiwan in 2017. For overseas market expansion, ONE ZO has established branches in 34 regions in 7 years, including Singapore and Canada. We believe that handmade drinks are not about convenience but rather savoring life through the combination of art, drama and sports. Savoring tea is the culture of our lives, and represents the vitality and depth of Taiwan’s handmade drinks.